About us

How did we get involved with Reiki ?

This is a very good question. We do not come to Reiki. Reiki comes to us.

The following is a true story.

"This seems to have been true in our case. It started with a quest for personal development and improvement, and an article in a newspaper which was put aside and then forgotten for the following three months. It then re-appeared mysteriously, reminding us that something had to be done.

We contacted the teacher who wanted to know why we were calling. We could not answer this question apart from the fact that we had read an article on a subject we could not remember. When the teacher asked what we wanted her to do for us, we had no idea!

So we decided to have a Jikiden Reiki healing session just to see what would happen.

The level of relaxation achieved within just an hour and without any intrusive massage or pressure points was simply amazing. From that moment, we wanted to know more and went for another session. This second session was also so amazing that at this stage, we decided to learn the technique for ourselves.

Having scientific backgrounds, it was a shock when we experienced sensations almost immediately from our hands when giving a session to somebody else on the first day of training at the first level (Shoden). How was it possible to feel in your hands the blockages (Byosen) in the body of another person just by positioning your hands on them? At the same time, how was it possible that this person felt the blockage area easing and then absent of pain by the end of the session? This was a true life changing experience. From that moment, we could feel ourselves changing day by day, becoming more relaxed, healthier, being less prone to the stresses of life and the impact they have on our health. Simply feeling better.

As soon as we could feel the benefits for ourselves, and then for others, with many truly amazing results, we naturally became passionate about the technique.

We wanted to know everything about it and so attended numerous seminars with Tadao Yamaguchi in the UK and in Japan. We spent time in Japan (Tokyo-Kyoto-Mount Kurama etc) to understand the background of the whole technique, with further trips throughout Asia (China, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, South Korea etc).

Since then, we have not looked back."

The story of a Satoriki Jikiden Reiki teacher