Condition: Neck prolapsed disk

"I have had a Reiki treatment and the pain has subsided." Lindsay Moody - UK - 20th of March 2012

"Three years ago I started to have problems with my neck. It started as pains in my neck after playing tennis. Over a period of around three months the pain progressively got worse. The pain in my neck started to cause my muscles in my back to spasm and lock, I think this was my body trying to compensate or hold itself in an effort to help manage the pain. At this point I visited my GP who directed my to a physiotherapist.

After a month of treatment my neck was getting worse, to the point where I needed pain killers to function or sleep. The physiotherapy continued with limited effects.

Over the next five months the pain increased, resulting in me missing work, I was having physiotherapy twice a week and my drugs included, diasapan, triasapan, buprofin, cocodine etc ( I am not doctor so please accept my apologies for incorrect spelling etc).

The pain was unbearable and I needed help with most things from getting dressed to just standing up.

My GP asked me to have a X-ray which suggested that I had some wear of one of my vertebra in my neck, I used my private medical to have a MRI scan.

Which also concluded that one of my vertebra in my neck had worn down. The doctors suggested that this created a gap which meant that a nerve was being compressed resulting in the pain. I was passed to a surgeon who suggested the best course of action would be to have an operation to fuse two vertebra together to prevent the nerve being compressed. This would also result in some loss of movement in my neck. I was in so much pain that I accepted this.

I booked some time off work to get ready for an operation,

I was at my local sports club to use the jacuzzis to help relax and was watching a friend play squash, who is the Shihan for Satoriki. He came off court for and commented that I look like I was in pain and holding my self in a odd position. I agreed. He asked me if I had heard of Jikiden Reiki, I had not. He said that he would like to try some Reiki on my neck to see if it would help. I was very sceptical and declined saying that I did not want risk any treatment. He said it was non manipulative so would or should not cause any problems. He also said he would do it at the sports club after his shower if that was ok.

I agreed. (I must state that I do not understand or generally support alternative forms of treatment) he placed a towel over my neck and put his hands on the towel. I can only describe the heat I felt as that similar to when you put a hot water bottle against your skin I also experienced a feeling of something like an elastic band being stretched in my back to my neck. This continued for around five minutes until it felt like  the elastic band snapped. My friend knew exactly when this happened because he said he was finished.

Over the next few days I felt much better. I then stopped taking my pain killers and stopped my physiotherapy. I continued to get better, I have not had any operations on my neck and function very well with no pain. The pain has come back twice since my first treatment. On both occasions I have had a Reiki treatment and the pain has subsided.

I do not understand exactly how Reiki works, all I can say is that it has helped me. I would recommend Reiki as a treatment to anyone who may be struggling with something, it might work it might not, but if you were in the position I was in anything which might help would be worth trying."  Lindsay Moody - UK - 20th of March 2012