Bone mending – Double fracture left shoulder

To cut an unflattering story short, I went on the 4th of February 2012 on a ski week-end with a friend of mine in Val d’Isère. Having been skiing for more than 35 years, I did not expect to fall that badly on a blue slope without any muggle or even any other skier: quite embarrassing. It was -20C. When I landed on my left shoulder on the very hard ground at full speed, I shouted as soon as I felt a sharp pain in my left shoulder. I was under shock and it took me a good 2-3 minutes before I decided to stand up. I could feel that my left shoulder was not right but, probably because I was upset at myself and did not want to accept the injury, I kept on skiing. After going another slope, I quickly realised that I would be unable to push on the ski poles in the flat areas, and therefore decided to go back to the village and see a doctor.

Right after the accident, I had sent already an SMS to all my Reiki friends explaining what happened and asking them to do distant Reiki on my left shoulder immediately. The amazing thing is that the pain did not grow while I was going down the slopes. I brought the skis back to the ski rental store by myself and went straight to the doctor. They made an X-ray immediately.

The diagnosis was:
1- Un-displaced fracture of surgical neck of the humeral head of the left shoulder
2- A displaced fracture of the greater tubercle
I was not allowed to do any sport for the coming 2 months.

When seeing the X-rays, the doctor could not believe that I had this double fracture as I could stand up without a problem although in some decent pain. I went on my own to the pharmacy to their greatest disbelief and came back for the nurse to show how to attach the arm support. Then I came back to the ski rental store to pay for the day as, to my greatest frustration, I obviously could no longer ski on that day.
It is only when I came back to the hotel that I realised the extent of my injury and how difficult it was just to undress and have a shower. No need to explain the rest.

I was given a box of anti-inflammatory and a box of pain killer tablets to use for 7 days. Because my wife was giving Reiki on my left shoulder each day, I used only half of the two boxes prescribed and was not taking any anymore after the 4th day.
I stopped using the arm support on the 10th day whilst still having significant movement restrictions.
My left shoulder had turned black and the blood had gathered at the elbow level and forearm thus creating pain although I had not hit myself there.
When starting the 3rd week, it all turned yellow and green and I started to have good arm movements without being able to lift up my arm.
By the beginning of the 4th week, there was hardly any colour left on my shoulder and I could lift my arm up to chest level.
At the end of the 4th week, feeling great and confident, whilst still having some restrictions, I played squash (3rd division) on a two friendly matches which I won easily! = I have to say that I am right handed but it was still a challenge.

On Friday the 9th of March, the bone reconstruction was amazing with the un-displaced fracture now hardly to be seen and the displaced fracture almost sticking to the bone when it had moved a good 2 mm away.

We are now the 11th of March 2012 (5 weeks): I have now completely recovered the movements of my left shoulder and can feel barely any pain or limitation. I have not received any physiotherapy treatment because there is an 8 week waiting list!... I did receive Reiki during the whole period either from my wife or other friends almost daily. The surgeon could not believe such a quick and quality healing, for which I will credit Reiki a great deal.

I am the Jikiden Reiki Shihan of Satoriki.

Disclaimer: Whilst this testimony is concerning a real case, please note that there is unfortunately no guaranty to get the same result on another similar case.

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