What is a typical session?

You have made your decision to have a Jikiden Reiki session.

What will it be like?

Your Jikiden Reiki session will usually be held in a quiet, relaxing and well ventilated room. You will usually be able to see the qualifications and credentials of your practitioner. If they are not on view, you should ask for them (an authentic Japanese and English diploma are always issued to bonafide practitioners from the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Kyoto-Japan). You will share with your practitioner the concerns which brought you to consider Jikiden Reiki. These may be physical and/or psychological and the practitioner will discuss and agree with you the best approach for the session.

Sessions for physical conditions:

These will last a minimum of 60 minutes and the longer the session, the better the results. You will normally lay on a massage table. Depending on your circumstances and condition, it is also possible to have a session in most positions eg. sitting on a chair, in a wheel chair or standing.

Jikiden Reiki is a hands-on technique which works through your clothes. You will therefore stay fully dressed during the whole session, but will take off your shoes if lying on the table. It is not unusual to be covered with towels to maintain a comfortable body temperature. It is also fairly common to have incense burning and background music playing, contributing to deep relaxation. These can be omitted if preferred.

Your practitioner will start by laying his/her hands on your body and will move them, using the concept of Byosen. This will disclose through his/her hands the areas of your body where the highest concentration of blockages or toxins are located. Where physical contact is not desirable - or possible - the practitioner will proceed by positioning the hands a short distance over your body without touching you.

You do not need to expect any specific sensations during your session, as it is a personal experience. Whatever the sensations, they are the right ones for you. It would not be unusual for you to fall in to a deep state of relaxation. You may feel warmth, chill, tingling, pressure, emotion, see colours, or feel nothing at all: whatever you feel or do not feel, the Reiki is working.

In the main, 1 to 3 sessions are required to get satisfactory results. The more severe your condition, the more sessions you will require. It is possible to receive Reiki from several practitioners at once. This is very powerful and a unique experience.

Sessions for psychological conditions - Sei Heki:

As with sessions for physical conditions, you will either lie on a massage table if a physical treatment is preceding or following, or sit on a chair if the session is specifically aimed at helping to resolve a psychological issue. Sessions for psychological conditions last for a minimum of 30 minutes. Again, the longer the session, the better.

Jikiden Reiki contributes to resolving temporary personal difficulties and long term conditions. Significant results may be achieved for:

  1.  stress related conditions,

  2. anxiety,

  3. fear originating from trauma or subconscious limitations (claustrophobia, arachnophobia, agoraphobia, fear of speaking in public etc),

  4. addictions (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, tablets etc),

  5. undesirable habits (nail biting etc)

  6. low self-esteem,

  7. low self-confidence,

  8. depression

  9. over/under eating etc.

Some psychological conditions may be deep rooted. And the older the condition, the more sessions will be required. Positive results are often felt from the first experience.

Your session may address physical, psychological or a combination of both sets of conditions.

Note: Unless specified, a Jikiden Reiki practitioner is not  usually a Doctor, nor will he/she have any medical qualifications. It must be YOUR choice to have Reiki. But if you are undergoing recognised medical treatment, you should continue this and you may wish  to engage the support of your doctor, family and/or friends in reaching your decision.