These books are widely available and recommended for background reading:

"Light on the Origins of Reiki" is a refreshingly clear and simple new book by Tadao Yamaguchi.  It covers Chiyoko Yamaguchi's life story, how Reiki was traditionally practiced and taught in the 1930s, Japanese culture. This is helpful in understanding the origins and background of Reiki -the body's natural cleansing process - and much more.



  Co-authored by Tadao Yamaguchi and Frank Arjava Petter, "The Hayashi Reiki Manual"  illustrates the guidance Chujiro Hayashi gave when treating various diseases, and features the Ketsueki Kokan Ho massage technique, with some history of Tadao Yamaguchi's family.


James L. Oschman PhD is a world authority on energy and complementary medicine. His first  ground-breaking book, "Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis" , initiated a wave of gratitude in the world of complementary therapies because of its ability to demystify and scientifically describe natural energy forces. Being a biophysicist and biologist, Oschman was able to  scientifically offer grounded and concrete explanations to describe energetic systems, in a way that hadn’t been tackled before.


John Sarno's most notable (and controversial) achievement, explained in his book "The MindBody Prescription" , is the development, diagnosis and treatment of TMS (Tension Myositis Syndrome), which is not recognized by mainstream medical science. According to Sarno, TMS is a psychosomatic illness causing chronic back, neck, and limb pain which is not relieved by standard medical treatments. He includes other ailments, such as gastrointestinal problems, dermatological disorders and repetitive-strain injuries as being TMS related. Sarno states that he has successfully treated over ten thousand patients at the Rusk Institute by educating them about the psychological and emotional basis to their pain and symptoms. The awareness of his concept and the application of Reiki can give amazing results.


Scientific studies show that the mind/body connection has an extraordinary power to heal. "Ageless Body, Timeless Mind" goes beyond ancient mind/body wisdom and current anti-aging research to show that you do not have to grow old. With the passage of time, you can retain your physical vitality, creativity, memory and self-esteem. Dr Deepak Chopra bases his theories on the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda, according to which, optimum health is about achieving balance physically, emotionally and psychologically.