About training seminars with Satori-Ki:

The training at Satori-Ki is well organised and offers an open forum that is relaxing and also great fun. The weekends completing my Shoden repeat and Okuden level were very thorough both in terms of the actual course content but also the history of Reiki and its development . Satori-Ki provides full support and encouragement for you to practice Reiki regularly, helping others and also on yourself.
Reiki has changed my life and put things in perspective - I now practice Reiki on others and the motivation and enthusiasm I have for it is mainly due to the enthusiasm and knowledge of all at Satori-Ki rubbing off on me! Helen Varey - UK - 27th March 2012

"I had of course heard about Reiki as a complementary treatment, but really knew nothing about it until the teacher helped two members of my Business Group.  The results were almost immediate and the two members were very clear that they had been significantly helped. When I found out that the teacher was running a training weekend on Jikiden Reiki I was very interested.  Having known the teacher for over two years, I have seen the development of his sense of purpose and calm.  I also know that he is serious and professional in his whole approach to life.  I expected the training to be thorough and practical and I was not disappointed.The training was indeed excellent with a very good balance of history, theory and practical elements.  The materials and support notes that the teacher used were very helpful and well organised.  The alignment, treatment and massage exercises were very thoroughly and sensitively done, and whilst I found strong sensations of Reiki at work elusive, they were there and I was encouraged and supported throughout.The whole weekend left me informed, fascinated and very much refreshed and relaxed.  This was certainly remarked upon when I returned home after the second day.I can heartily recommend the training to anyone who is genuinely interested, or prepared to find out.  I would also gladly recommend my teacher as an excellent teacher and practitioner of Jikiden Reiki."  Philip B. - UK - 20th January 2009

I richly enjoyed the weekend Jikiden Reiki course. Despite having learnt another form of Reiki  through my mentor in Israel, I was keen to go deeper, and after all what I learnt before was rather hurried. The preparation of the teacher and passion came through at just the right level for me – plus he was happy to take all kinds of questions. His authenticity shone through and I experienced a life changing moment again. The teacher's integrity is exemplary. He is a strong quiet power. Thank you.   John Blaskey. - UK - 1st December 2008

Before the seminar, Reiki was ‘hocus pocus’ to me. It was also very weird to me. It is still weird, but weird in a different way: in a funny and interesting way. I experienced the seminar as astonishing, if I had to describe it with just one word. It was astonishing because I was surprised every time if I felt the energy in my hands. When we were doing  the Reiju, for example. I felt my fingertips were beating very strongly. Or when we were giving Reiki to each other, during the seminar, I also felt the energy through my hands. The seminar was also quite interesting, because I didn’t know some things before the seminar and now I do. And I didn’t ‘believe’ some things during the seminar, until I experienced that by myself. Like that time when the teacher was explaining what you had to do if you or somebody else has got a small cut. The teacher said you can stare and blow or you can put your finger in front of it. I tried the stare and blow one and it really worked! So that means you have to see it before you believe it. My mother language is Chinese and Dutch, so I don’t speak English very often. And it is not that good, but I did understand the seminar. The reason why I understood the seminar so easily, was because I had a good teacher. The teacher  was very clear and patient. You could ask as many questions if you want, he would answer them. And he would explain it clearly to you when you don’t understand it. The quality of teaching was also very good. History was not my strongest point at the secondary school, most of the time if we had history class I would be bored stupid. But this time I was very interested in the history of Reiki. Everything was very clear, especially with the photo’s and other stuffs. I had the fear that I couldn’t understand the English, but happily it was not that case. Because I had a wonderful teacher. Jenny - Holland - 22nd September 2009

Dear Teacher, I wish to thank you very much for the attunement and Reiki training sessions I had with you recently. The sessions were well presented. The way the sessions were taught was relaxed and there was no pressure in learning Reiki. I now able to practise my Gokai and bought myself a Reiki table to enjoy Reiki with my family. I found the Reiki course was very enjoyable and help me to find peace and calm in myself. I am able to treat everyone and living things with respect no matter what they are. The five principles of Reiki has changed my life making me a better person than I was in the past. I look forward to have another chance to join the seminar in the not too distant future. Many thanks again for teaching me Reiki, I definitely felt it! Antony Sung - UK - 2nd June 2010

Buenos días, quería transmitirte mi agradecimiento por el curso de Reiki realizado este fin de semana. Ha sido muy instructivo, las prácticas han sido muy claras para demostrar la efectividad del reiki y la capacidad que cada uno de los participantes teníamos. Ha sido muy instructivo, las prácticas han sido muy claras para demostrar la efectividad del reiki y la capacidad que cada uno de los participantes teníamos. Ahora toca el trabajo personal para desarrollar esta capacidad, en caso de que surja alguna duda, me pondré de nuevo en contacto contigo a fin de esclarecerla. Un saludo y de nuevo gracias. Cristina U. Spain - 1st March 2010

I was extremely satisfied in the way the course was delivered and I came out enthusiastic and convinced. The teacher is teaching in a simple manner, clearly, listening constantly to his students, even the most sceptic ones. Practical exercises have been illustrating the theory very well and have been extremely efficient for each student. JIKIDEN REIKI entered my life at a precise moment. Since that day, I practice regularly because it brings me a very clear psychological and physiological well being . This allows me to help also people around me. I am actually intending to go forward with the training. Maité P. - France - July 2011