Advanced level – Okuden

During the Okuden course, you will:

  • receive 2 Reiju or attunements = these re-activate your energy channels

  • learn about distance healing and the Mantra used to send Reiki to people anywhere in the world. Whilst sounding quite extraordinary, it is amazing to see this technique working.

  • learn about a powerful technique - Sei Heki - used to help the healing of psychological conditions in yourself and others. This technique is used to address minor inconveniences such as worry or nervousness, habits such as smoking or drinking too much or more difficult psychological issues such as depression or anorexia. Please refer to "Benefits" - "What is a typical session" - "Sessions for psychological conditions:".

You can give Reiki to people immediately after passing the beginner level (Shoden). The advanced level (Okuden) can be taken at the same time or later.

Most people prefer to do both Shoden and Okuden together, mainly because of travel and time constraints. These are usually taken in a 3 to 4 day course.