Beginner level – Shoden

During the Shoden course you will:

  • receive 3 Reiju or attunements: these serve to re-activate your energy channels

  • learn the history of Reiki from the time of Usui Sensei until today

  • learn the 5 life principles (Gokai) Usui Sensei devised for improving the Body and Mind and the origin of these Gokai.

  • learn the concept of Byosen (feeling the sensations in your hands which indicate areas on the body where toxins have accumulated and need attention)

  • learn the meaning and use of a symbol (Shirushi) used in areas of the body which need intense Reiki energy

  • learn a massage called Ketsueki Kokan Ho developed by Dr Chujiro Hayashi to stimulate blood circulation.

  • learn a technique (Hatsurei Ho) to enhance the sensitivity in your hands

  • give and receive Reiki and practice with other participants