Condition: Chronic Sinusitis

"Now, thanks to Satoriki, my chronic sinusitis has almost completely gone and I can literally breath a sigh of relief." Luigi Pellizzari 18th  April 2012

"I wish to thank Satoriki for your help in solving my chronic sinusitis problem.

Since I met you and since you started helping me, I noticed a significant improvement of my condition.

I have had this annoying problem for many many years. At times it seriously interfered with my everyday and professional life.
All the other treatments I tried proved unsuccessful or, in a couple of instances, worse than the condition itself. I have always refused surgery and I am happy I did.

Now, thanks to Satoriki, my chronic sinusitis has almost completely gone and I can litterally breath a sigh of relief.
I look forward to further sessions with you in order to complete the healing process that you have so successfully kicked off.
Thank you Satoriki.

Luigi Pellizzari 18th  April 2012