Benefits & Case Studies

What do you get out of Reiki?

A new experience of Being.

The beauty of Reiki is that this very simple technique allowes you to take ownership of your own health.

Reiki rids you of the many layers of blockages which you have accumulated through your life at both physical and psychological levels. These blockages create body restrictions, swollen areas, sicknesses, physical and psychological pains of all kinds, which make our body unbalanced. Reiki goes deep in to the tissues of the body and the brain to dispell these toxins. At the same time, your true self is revealed in the way you were in your original state of perfection.

Reiki lasts well beyond the 3 or 4 day atunement course. It becomes part of your daily life. It becomes a life style.

Reiki is NOT a miracle treatment. It will not suddenly transform you into a supernatural being. Neither is it going to make you immune from all sicknesses and problems, although at Satori-Ki, we do experience regularly amazing results (refer to the examples of healing results in this section).

We have a responsibility to care for our own body and mind in the best way we can. When receiving from others, or giving ourselves Reiki, it will contribute to improving our well being and in many cases clear the condition completely. However, if we do not change the habits at the origin of our condition - like drinking too much, eating unhealthy food , taking drugs, smoking, etc - the symptoms, will inevitably come back.

Usui Sensei elaborated the 5 Gokai principles after he realised that some of the patients he had helped to get rid of the symptoms came back later with the same condition. These 5 principals are fantastic tools to establish in your daily life for better living.

At Satori-Ki we attune you to Reiki which gives you the tools to heal in a way that is in absolute harmony with your own mind and body. By taking responsibility for yourself, i.e. being truthful to yourself, you find the path to your own well being.

By challenging your "Self" in an honest manner, i.e. discovering how you must change your habits and attitude toward food, life, work etc, it becomes easier to understand what has ignited a stressful situation or generated a condition.

Now, it is all about deciding what is right for you and making the appropriate changes in your daily life for a new experience of Being.